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Social Networking

Today's most interactive platform for communication is social networking websites and enthusiasm of accessing the social networking websites on the mobile phones is rising to an elevated demand. Businesses, social communities, friends, students are major users of smart phones as well as social networking sites. In this internet era social network has gained superior popularity after launching web 2.0 tool. Social networks have become perfect channel for online communication and business promotion. But it has second aspect of the story as well. Your social network effort might backfire if you don’t get developed your social network application according to your nature of business and customers.

B24 e Solutions has involved into several social networking applications development for different needs whether business need or individual need. These applications not only promote small and medium business but also expand business contact of respective organization. Our application enhances customer engagement and build brand as well as organization prestige in sight of end user. We work on advanced technology with different platforms such as Facebook REST API, FBML, Google Social Graph API, PHP, .NET, J2EE, AJAX, open social API etc. We ensure that our applications are dynamic, scalable and can be integrated easily across any social networking website.

B24 e Solutions offers Social Networking Services and Applications:

  • Professional Networking Applications (LinkedIn, Xing etc.)
  • Generic Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Bebo, OrkutGoogle+ etc.)
  • Intranet Networking Applications
  • Dating websites
  • Video-based Networks
  • Social Networks Based on Niche Groups (Entertainment, Lifestyle, Food etc.)
  • Review and Feedback Websites
  • Social Networking Mobile Applications

Social networking has originated as a platform for people to get together and remain close for long duration and you can peer what is going on in their life. It assists you to form online communities that enhance social interaction could take place in various ways.

B24 e Solutions provide you social networking solutions according to current marketing scenario and give your social network a rich look  we offer some social network solutions that explore your communication such as:

  • Community Chat
  • User Role Administration
  • Photo Sharing, Ratings & Comments
  • User Directory
  • Polls and Surveys
  • Discussion Forums
  • RSS - Content Syndication
  • Customizable Users Homepages / Personal Profiles
  • User Registration and Administration
  • Activity Reporting
  • File, Audio and Video Sharing
  • Blogging  and Scraping
  • Newsletters
  • Presence Awareness (who's online lists)

B24 e Solutions Mobile Application in Social Network:

We develop applications/ software that allow mobile users to access social networking websites easily. B24 e Solutions has developed several applications for different mobile platforms such as iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows OS.
  • Make your mobile a business networking and socializing tool.
  • Access all the features of popular social networks on your mobile
  • Promote your businesses faster through social networking.
  • Get connected with business and social network anywhere and anytime
  • Use the established and ever-increasing mobile user base for brand building

B24 e Solutions has developed perfect needs of social networking application which have more popular among the users. Our developers always serve to a new technology which can help you to make a different from other application. We have wide range of functionality and latest technology and which can be easy customization to your social networking applications.