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B24 e Solutions is involved in blog and forum development for years as Blogs and forums have been popular mechanism since long which give facilities to share your ideas, information and suggest them, those are seeking some assistance. Blogs and forums are excellent methodology to provide two way communications with your customers or prospects. Most of organizations are using this interactive digital communication to their websites and intranets as a way to increase outreach both internal and external interactions.
B24 e Solutions is giving Blog and Forums services for couple of years and has satisfied its clients through quality work. We have developed numerous blogs and forums with specific objectives to targeting customers. Our developers are proficient and having years of experience in their hands.

Forum Development:

It is user generated content that includes user forums, message boards and discussion boards. The message use two forms of writing chronologically and threaded. A Forum is an online gathering place where people discuss about a specific topic or diverse topics. There are different kind of forums development business forums and community forums.

Blog Development:

Main objective of blog is to share ideas with others and spread your knowledge among people. But in business perspective it is the way of brand promotion of respective organization. It is maintained with regular entries of commentary, description of event or other material such as graphics or video. It increases your position and builds relationship with perspective customer as you involve them in your discussion. A blog is informal. It’s part of a conversation where people can comment and the blog can provide you with a measure of value publish an idea and see if it generates interest. It also assists in search engine ranking of your company website or blog.

Forum Development: Using PhpBB

PhpBB is a bulletin board script written in PHP which is available under GNU public license. It includes several features like various database support, template design and architecture, UTF-8 support, search engine spider integration, CMS integration, multiple language support, anti-spam features integration and plug-ins.

The advantages of PhpBB are:
  • Discussion categories classification
  • Users can create custom fields
  • User access regulations
  • Audio-video support with text based content
  • Page caching
  • Allows instant messaging, file sharing and multiple messaging
  • Safe and secure interaction

Blog Development:

B24 e Solutions offers blog development service for different industries. We serve all requisite solutions for blog development with taking care of marketing mix. We also involve into overall strategy, designing, software maintenance as blog is set up for different business purposes. Wordpress is most popular blog as it has multi features and attributes. It is distribute

There are number of blog publishing system available. But Wordpress is great blog publishing system that provides numerous benefits with advanced features as MySQL support Wordpress for data storage. This blog publishing system is distributed under General Public License (GNU).

Wordpress features:

  • A Well-etched system of integrating Templates
  • A permalink structure that is search engine friendly
  • Plugins Support
  • Widgets Support
  • Multiple Authors
  • Static Pages

B24 e Solution focuses in Blog Development:

  • Installation of your blog
  • Hosting of blog
  • Design and Development
  • Set up required plug-ins
  • Daily post articles
  • Keep your blog updated