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There are thousands of widgets available online for quick download to your desktop or personal pages or web. Widgets take account of:-

  • Weather information,
  • Calendar,
  • News widget and
  • Several widgets that are available according to the expanded needs. 

Mobile has brought about a revolution in the arena of technology. The demand for mobile application and widgets have seen a big boom in the recent past.  
B24 e Solutions brings you the best widgets mobile application services.

If you are in search of an application which has a wider reach than your website, then B24 e can fabricate an outstanding solution through mobile application solutions for various users. We furnish the need of our prospective users with nothing but the best.

If your brand requires a unsullied, interactive and a viral tool to engage your target audience then we are here to solve your tribulations and can build up apposite widget which will mark your needs and make it expedient for your buyers or employees.

What are widgets?

Widgets are small, portable and downloadable mini applications that look and act like traditional apps, but are a mix of functionality and content developed specifically to perform certain tasks in a simple and useful manner.

Technologies for Widget Implementation

They are implemented using various technologies such as:-

  • Flash,
  • Java,
  •  CSS, etc.

Widgets give their users a new way to interact with the content. Instead of having to look for information, users can check their widgets that are customized to their individual preferences. Widgets make use of “push” technology and because of the convenience they offer, are actively shared and can have extraordinary reach.

Our focus on Widgets Applications:

1. Web Widget:

Web widgets can be implemented in any HTML-based web page and therefore significantly impact the site performance, SEO and back link campaigns.

2. Desktop Widget:

Desktop widgets embedded on local computers that do not have any impact on SEO or webpage performance, proffers a distinctive brand experience and an aide memoire even when the user is offline.

3. Mobile Widget:

Most of the mobile widgets are developed in J2ME technology and AJAX. Mobile widget makes life trouble-free for the end users.

4. Game Widget

5. Weather Widget

6. Online Community Application

7. Calendar Widget

Our Objective

Our intent is to work with you to put together a widget that can be a value-addition to your everyday activities. We have the proficiency to:-

  • Conceptualize,
  • Design and
  • Develop a multiplicity of widgets.

Assisted by a lineup of technically proficient professionals, we comprehend the core need of the widget development and develop widgets that are attractive and functionally superior.