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Travel and Maps Applications

In the age of advanced Information Technology each person covets to obtain information by pressing few keys. B24 e Solutions identifies your requirement in order to step up with the new age market. We make it expedient for the end users through serving our solution. We have developed highly advanced mobile applications which provide user with the up-to-date information at a few clicks. Our mobile application gives the clients a number of benefits such as Travel schedule, Flight Status and gets Alerts etc.

Our mobile applications benefits:

Our mobile applications not only gives advantage to the end users but also gives the facility to respective business in numbers of ways.

  • Reduction in operating costs: Information alert concern organization has reduced the cost due to improved access to information and automation of mobile alerts.
  • Improved access to information: user can access information through smart phone device to get information about schedule time and status report from anywhere and anytime.
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction: If any organization in the travel industry is delivering value added services to their users, then automatically it springs up customer satisfaction level.
  • Perk up Branding: If you take care of your clientele and comprehend their expediency and offer those services which are most required and can give more facilities, then it escalates the  branding of your service.

We make your life easier, by proffering a number of mobile application benefits which are:-

  • Flight updates,
  • Get direction with map,
  • Voice mail and
  • Track expenses.

 We have developed mobile applications for different mobile platforms such as iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Windows as each platform team boosts of an in-depth knowledge of the respective mobile operating system platforms and take application to its ultimate destination. According to the needs and requirements concerning the mobile working and service milieu we envisage a tailor-made mobile solution. We advise the client extensively during the whole project and incorporate the clients ideas into practice in a reliable state of the art mobile technology. For an optimal application scenario, we use standard technology platforms, such as GSM, GPRS, 3GSM and wireless local area network (WLAN) for data transmission.

Our focus in Travel Mobile Application:

  • Flight Updates
  • Account Update alert
  • Flight Status
  • Flight Schedule
  • GPS for Navigation
  • Booking Status

What does the user of this Travel mobile application get?

By means of mobile travel application the user will be able to:-

  • Choose the holiday location, 
  • To make Flight and train reservation and 
  • Hotel booking. 

The most important advantage of our mobile application is that,

  • You get a guide to the currency converter and
  • Travel guide for respective location.

Our mobile application encompasses numerous features in itself as it provides several benefits for the end users. A smart phone is that device which is the most desirable device for accessing information in the easiest way. Our practiced team has massive knowledge and in depth experience of programming and mobile application development with different platform. This leads to a  better and useful travel application for your business. Our team is capable of designing, developing, and delivering user friendly applications at cost effectual prices.