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The IT industry in the medical and healthcare business is thriving and demanding more ground-breaking solutions and stratagems to do away with strict competition. Health industry is also coming up with newer prospects to spread out. But it is facing several challenges internally and externally. Progression in Healthcare IT assists the industry to walk hand-in-hand with technology by delivering great productivity along with amalgamation and exchange between the multiple systems with numerous methods.

We at  B24 e Solutions, proffer end to end healthcare mobile solutions that not only trims down cost but also speeds up the competence of health industry. We are proficient in designing and developing the mobile application for remote healthcare information, as wireless mobile technologies have a far superior say than ever. We have worked on different platforms like iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and window operating system to dish up better solutions to healthcare industry.

Advantages of Mobile Application in Health Industry are under mentioned:

  • Slot in new patients and perk up patient experience, convenience, and uncomplicated access to pre-emptive services to improve the overall quality.
  • Schedule all appointments
  • Alarm patient appointments
  • Consumer healthcare articles
  • Accept information about diagnostic centers, physicians, pathological research centers.
  • Effectual patient care through well-timed response
  • Support viral communications across physicians and associates
  • Access relevant medical information anytime, anywhere
  • Access complete information with clinical documentation
  • Assist in gathering data
  • Facilitated data access and work scheduling
  • Improved clinician productivity, which means lower per assignment cost

Spotlight Areas in Health Care Mobile

B24 e Solutions mobility platform accomplishes the requirement of healthcare industry through encompassing tools and technology. Out steadfast team members have proved their caliber through these rich applications that has multiple advantages for health industry like:-

  • Providing security,
  • Messaging to empower respective industry.

Our services take account of:

1. Patient Interactions:

It embraces numerous features such as appointment calendar, lab results, patients record and prescription notes, referral, PMH and SH and many more

2.Hospital Information:

It includes medical hospitals bulletins, information of available resources and quick compliance alerts.

3. Medicine Compliance:

We proffer medical compliance in our mobile application and also append medical reminders to make it more effective patients caring.

4. Mobile Device:

We give Wi-Fi facility in our applications to connect your smartphone with it, and access the entire information which you consider, is vital.

5. Security:

Our application provides complete security to access your user account so that if you are not online, you can access your application through that user account.

6. Mobile application for EMR:

A specialty electronic medical records system vendor and B24 e have created a native iPhone app that allows physicians and clinicians to access, update and sync patient records and billing information wherever they are. Users can also view their schedules in real time without being tethered to a desktop computer, saving them their precious time.

7. Others:

We include numerous features in our mobile applications according to organization type and effect those in our applications in an effectual way to give complete advantages to the respective organizations.