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Business Application

As the face of the market is altering speedily there arises a equal need to amend the business apps, because the technology progression has been a constant threat for any industry. The need to ad infinitum innovation and distinguished offerings in a competitive marketplace has become an undeniable requirement for any organization. This, when coupled with diminishing margins and steady demand to pick up customer service creates an urgent need to relook at the existing business practices and processes.

Mobile applications furnishes the need of business, as most of the users like to access any object through their small but smart mobile devices. “M-Business Anywhere Web Edition” enables users to access their corporate intranet from mobile handhelds and facilitates businesses to mobilize simple forms-based applications and content.

B24 e Solutions: A Leading Name in Mobile App. Market

Yes, when we talk about the leaders, then we are definitely talking about “B24 e Solutions”.  It proffers all mobile solutions that are advantageous for your business and advocates the best solution after analyzing your business type. We analyze your business keeping in mind the competitive market place.  We have developed business mobile applications for diverse mobile platforms such as IPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows.


  • We design mobile enterprise application solutions to make it opportune in accessing business critical information through applications.
  • Put up stronger associations with customers and capture a large market share while improving efficiency and condensing costs.
  • Market estimates for customers and engendering revenue.
  • Secured-By-Design Cross-platform and cross-browser mobile/tablet accessibility
  • HTML5 support coupled with sturdy security in access.
  • Advanced mobile business application development that shrinks costs, boosts yield, and bestows new revenues for our clients.
  • Offers enterprise solutions that empowers mobile workers, suppliers, and customers with the accurate information at precisely the exact time.


B24 e Solutions is proficient in Business application. Our team draws near to a decision only after assessing all essential areas of business and spot the key areas that affect business and product exact solution reports which aid in bestowing a perfect layout for business application.

Our offered services lie in:

  • Sales Force Automation
  • Field Force Automation
  • Supply Chain Automation
  • Fleet Management
  • POD for Courier and Logistics
  • Location Based Services
  • Mobile Payment
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Mobile Banking
  • Real Estate applications
  • Survey Performance Management
  • Ticket Management System
  • WAP and WML sites.
  • Mobile business applications.
  • SMS gateways and SMS portals.
  • Porting solutions
  • Backup and Restore applications in mobile.
  • Data Sync solutions

Our mobile solutions steadily and economically dole out and automate subsets of existing enterprise business systems outside the company network whether allied or remote. Our tools facilitate companies to easily organize and administer mobile devices and services to many users and incongruent geographies.

We have delivered mobile solutions in different industries and have been benefiting to the way of revenue and customer satisfaction. We have dealt in:-

  • Bank and credit institutions,
  • Insurance,
  • Manufacturing,
  • Media and Publishing,
  • Pharmaceuticals,
  • Transport companies,
  • Utilities, Health industry,
  • Hospitality and travel industry,
  • Logistics and many more.

Our steadfast team fulfills its promises by delivering project on the deadlines marked, amalgamated with advanced technology.