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Web Presence Enhancement

Internet is condensing the entire globe into a small device, that is  computer and thereby exploring knowledge on a large scale. Be it Business or Institute knowledge or seeking a job, everyone likes to access internet in order to acquire knowledge about the subject as it is more hassle free and a time saver as well . Thus, competition is getting tough day by day. Each one has involved into innovative ideas and implementation of that idea in a unique way. Each strive to augment conversion rate in less time and magnetize more traffic towards their respective websites.

B24 e solution is here to lend you a hand in enhancing your web presence and share amazing experiences by enhancing your business. By increasing your web presence it is believed that you have won half the battle.

Our Web Presence Enhancement Services are lined up as follows:

  • Content Management System(CMS)
  • Website Design and Development
  • E-commerce Solutions.
  • Rich Internet Application

What is CMS?

A content Management Service (CMS) is a program that is used to manage web contents including creating, Publishing, organizing, Storing and maintaining the existing website.

Content Management System (CMS):

B24 e Solutions proffers Content Management System solutions to impart a number of benefits. Our valuable solutions give you a rich experience .CMS allows the content manager to keep the website updated. If you don’t update your website’s content then you can’t get the advantage on your competitor effectively. We integrate a set of module that provide a new level of information including contents those support search engine optimization to escalate your page ranking. Besides this CMS is committed for providing you the benefits including

  • Content editorial service,
  • Content styling,
  • Standardization of web styling ,
  •  Proof reading,
  • Copy editing, and
  • Referencing.

Website Design and Development:

B24 e solution is involved into custom web application development in a high quality and cost effective way by using advanced technology. We promise our clientele to meet their requirements within the time schedule laid.  Moreover, we help you to increase visibility and functionality by providing quality service, analysis, and design.

B24 e has a special team to meet the clients’ requirement according to their specification and strive to put the best by designing websites according to the business nature. All this makes it all the more adorable. Besides this, we are specialized in database driven website and e-commerce application. We always keep in mind the minutes of details from a simple page to the specific pages. We are one of the best service provider, when it comes to website designing and development. We keep a strict focus on content organization, information architecture, usability design and analysis and performance optimization.

Why Pick Us?

  • We believe in advanced webpage development by using latest technology.
  • Proffer solutions at competitive prices.
  • Supreme clientele satisfaction.
  • Assess all risk factors before indulging into projects.
  • Provide great facility along with great infrastructure
  • Highly skilled Designing and Development team.
  • Follow apposite modules for particular projects.

E-commerce Solutions:

Internet network is extending across the globe as new-fangled technology such as 3G has penetrated into the market. Internet is proffering more facility to the end user from accessing information to selling products online. E-commerce is covering the markets gradually and expected speed up in coming days. B24 e understands you and your needs by possessing extensive experience and knowledge of the current technology. Outshining your competitors is possible only through e-commerce websites that are made using the latest marketing trends. We have developed e-commerce websites and have maintained it to maximize your profit.

Rich Internet Application:

More responsive, interactive in nature and graphically presentable website and applications are the most popular than the conventional applications. RIA has given relief as there are high responsiveness website solutions that have rich graphic in itself such as Ajax, JAVA, XUL , Macromedia Flash and Flex and Oracle forms.

Rich Internet Application (RIA) is different from the conservative web applications as it gives a rich experience via several features. It increases the data performance as the server communication is minimized to a great extent. It shrinks a lot of time in browsing rich graphics and backend integration. The new-fangled technology is used for RIA such as Adobe Flex, Silverlight and AJAX. RIA application doesn’t demand end user for refreshing and gives information without going for page refreshes. RAI never seeks for installation it provides automatic updated information.

B24 e solutions understands the need and requirements of RIA clients and develop applications according to their demand. We emphasize on areas like, customized look and content according to the business needs. We guarantee clients a high level customer satisfaction from our end.