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Staff Augmentation

The global picture is altering hugely and the requirements are mounting. With paucity of resources; each organization is looking for something in form of services. There are a few challenges that come across in terms of discovering the IT personal skill set.

Service globalization has crafted new-fangled opportunities for companies to administer their internal and client service requirements. Where organizations were once confined to the staff augmentation model for growth, they can now engage in managed services- a model that can facilitates organizations to grow without hiring any additional employees (and escalating costs proportionally to growth).

Acquiring highly skilled people for specific services and training them to amplify productivity has been critical, because each organization is taking care of the quality application development with minimal training.

Chief Challenges:

  • How to infuse a more competitive advantage at competitive rates while having lower cost and high IT skills.
  • New methodology requirements according to the Project, and it requires IT skill set for specific projects as well.
  • Access IT skills without investment on training.

Staff Augmentation: Overview

B24 e Solutions gives facility to hire devoted IT staff for better productivity and efficiency in your work process. We serve to the need of IT staff augmentation demands as it leads to better management for the organization. This is why, B24 e has an admired list of clientele when it comes to staff augmentation services.

Our Staff Augmentation services enable you to get qualified and experienced personnel to suit your requirements. We work exclusively for you from our offices, that acts just like an extended team of yours. It is a perfect way to achieve your special or seasonal projects without appending any permanent staff.


If you are seeking an offshore office for complete IT requirements then you have stepped right . We are the right destination, as we annex a couple of benefits that fulfill your expectations laced with IT resources.

Merits of Staff augmentation

  • Holistic approach is utilized by qualified experienced IT professionals who address to your requirement with ease.
  • Cost effective is a distinctive area, as you don’t need to set up additional IT skills for it.
  • Proffer IT workforce at competitive prices.
  • Give supreme client satisfaction by tendering super quality services on schedule time.
  • Keeping the state-of-the art infrastructure to support services.
  • We proffer optimized results for the organization by delivering them on time.
  • All the intellectual rights are owned by the client, even when the work is done by the by us.

This skilled manpower under our IT Staff Augmentation services work as an extension to our customer's existing staff. The personnel are certified professionals in their domain and have full access to our technical knowledge base. They are fully supported by the infrastructure of our development center in India.

The solutions areas for which this skilled manpower may be availed by our clients may vary from developers in either Microsoft (MS) or Open source (Linux etc.) platform to Graphic designers and SEO professionals. Following are a few of the areas that our IT Staff Augmentation services include on a monthly basis:

  • Dedicated .NET programmer
  • Dedicated PHP programmer
  • Dedicated HTML Programmer