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Distributed Application Development

With the present IT scenario, Distributed Application Development has become popular in a short span of time. Exceeding demand for large-scale distributed applications have mushroomed because of its numerous advantages. As a result of which, industry is showing great interest to grasp them without any inch of delay. Be it banking, airline or telecommunication each enterprise is acquiring it speedily. Distributed application development relies upon three distinct architectures which are namely:- one tier, two tiers and three tiers and each one has its own specification.

We proffer solutions through distributed application development where we use the component technologies like COM, DCOM, Enterprise Java Beans, RMI and CORBA for this kind of application development.

The Life Cycle of distributed application can be enumerated under the four stages:

  • Designing
  • Implementation and Testing
  • Deployment and utilization
  • Maintenance and evolution

We are the best pick for “Distributed Application Development”!!!!!

  • B24 e developers stay expansively involved into designing stage of application even if it is a multifaceted system and are equally involved into developing the building blocks.
  • We scrutinize before hopping to the implementation and generation of methodology stage for the entire system simulation.
  • We offer to create infrastructure for deployment, utilization and evolution stages.
  • We emphasize on consistency to perk up project execution.

Merits Associated With Distributed Applications are

  • Network Distribution of application for more stability and protection against any kind of failure.
  • Availability of frameworks and patterns to trim down  development time
  • Robust application development based on real world business objects
  • Access to shared business data
  • Integration of legacy or heritage applications.
  • Graphical Presentation to the users which is the most important aspect.