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SaaS, this acronym is commonly known as Software as a Service, and sometimes as "software on demand". It implies, software deployment whereby a provider licenses an application to customers for its use, as a service on demand. SAAS software vendors either host the application on their own web servers or download the application to consumer devices, disabling it after the use or contract cessation. The on-demand function may be handled within or by third-party application service provider (ASP).

We proffer SaaS (Software as a Service) as it is one of the most dynamic software development models that provide software service on demand. It suggests numerous software applications distributed systematically and strategically. Saas is a model of software delivery where companies offer maintenance and technical operation on the internet. The SaaS solution on the internet has detached expenses on the hardware and software. Cloud computing shares the same appreciation as SaaS. We proffer flexible and reasonable models to shun purchasing applications for update and gives the real appeal to the respective business. Saas has transfigured the way the product is deployed and delivered to ensure that everyone gets an updated version of the product.

We tender industry based solutions and indulge into creating business stratagems, design, architecture, product building and technical support. We are specialists in deploying and developing custom SaaS solutions for our clientele. We offer all the chief components of SaaS in an effectual way. Our SaaS services stands up for the customers’ needs and engage closely with the independent software vendors. We provide well established SaaS models which amplify revenue per customer, augment attention and retention of customers. We provide cost effectual hosted application subscription, in case you don’t wish to buy and install your own application.

SaaS Software as a Service: Key Features

  • Delivery via a network, common Internet.
  • Prices are based on subscription basis, often on the number of users or seats.
  • Leverages the software functionality without getting burdened with the deployment and management of the application.
  • An enterprise application that is delivered & managed as a service by a vendor to simultaneously meet the needs of multiple customers.
  • Purge the costs of installing additional hardware and software.
  • Utilize latest technology which provides cost effective approach in terms of software upgrade and updates.
  • SaaS model shifts the burden of running an enterprise level application from the customer to the vendor.
  • No IT staff required for maintenance.

B24 a leading SaaS Software Development Company in India serving its clientele across the world by focing on software development using cloud based and SaaS empowered technology. Looking for Software as a Service development or cloud based solutions feel free to Contact us or call us on +91-141+6550328.