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RIA Application Development

RIA is multi featured and has been in huge demand in the current time which keeps up the functionality of desktop applications. RIA is compatible with any browser and operating system as well as provides an engaging and interactive experience. This is so because the web 2.0 has landed in support to internet enhancement. It is an operating system that is compatible and can enhance business productivity with advanced communication with the end user. RIA is characterized by scalability, portability and accessibility.

It provides faster accessibility, security, and better responsive User Interface. Our Rich Internet Application development services allow businesses to perk up their internal staff productivity, competitiveness, and profitability with higher customer satisfaction. RIAs can be effectually used to proffer an engaging and interactive familiarity to customers or managers. RIAs can also be used to work with the existing web application infrastructure and the small modules can be deployed even as a part of the normal HTML pages.

Our spotlight on RIA Application Development:

  • Adobe Flex/Flash
  • Adobe Air
  • JavaFX
  • AJAX
  • Microsoft Sliverlight
  • Ruby on Rails

We have a brilliant and steadfast team for RIA application development to ease the end user to give high level quality application and communication. We are customer oriented and provide interactive RIA application based on the client needs. We believe in advance technology as our team ardently believes in quality work with advance features.

Benefits of RIA:

  • It provides rich user interface which makes client more satisfied and dedicated.
  • Easy to use, genuine and approachable
  • Get real time updates without page refresh.
  • Integration of video, audio, interactive polls or quiz, feedbacks, animations makes websites highly interactive and successful in keeping customers engaged
  • Provides inter-browser compatibility so that the users using different technological platforms can easily access the web applications.
  • Elevated scalability that assists in easier accommodation of the future modifications in the application.
  • Creates compelling graphics, easy navigation and faster accessibility that gives adequate user experience.