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The web age has in actuality changed the entire picture of the competitive market. A number of e-commerce websites have been introduced into market in the recent past. E-Commerce is nothing but the exchange of goods and services for money, being conducted via electronic medium like the Internet. Customers opt for online stores because they are more expedient than those old-fashioned brick and mortar stores.

Easy access to a wide array of products and services has resulted in an exponential increase in the number of consumers switching to the Internet. Having an e-commerce website makes great business senses. It is comparatively easier and cheaper to setup and manage an online store. One of the biggest challenges of conducting an online business is making it definite that the customers show confidence in the client’s website.

We offer powerful customized solutions for Ecommerce applications based on client’s exact needs. We provide an effective B2B Ecommerce applicationandB2C Ecommerce application solutions that include

  • Domain experience,
  • Technical expertise and
  • Quality driven delivery model.

Our ecommerce Shopping Cart Software is designed specifically for the business owners who are desirous of focusing on sales and not on the software or management of the software. With cutting edge features that focus totally on the sales process, we have created a product that leverages sales and amplifies your average order. We take care of the entire process, incepting with the design of an appealing interface, running store online, managing orders to secured payment processing systems, and promoting your website in accordance with your budget and schedule.

Our brilliant team is expert in all the aspects of e-commerce strategy and development, including

  • End-to-end security,
  • Distributed transaction processing,
  •  XML-based interoperability, and
  • Integration with online payment,
  • Order processing.

B24 e Solutions has developed E-Commerce Applications on various technologies by utilizing PHP, JavaScript Validation, AJAX Scripting,ASP, ASP.Net, XML, ColdFusion, Java, Flash/ Flex, osCommerce, Zen Cart, X-cart.

B2B Ecommerce Application

Our B2B Ecommerce application services assist manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers to get business definite information to explore business around the world. Our expertise proffers you with customizable B2B Ecommerce application solutions that best suit your needs including shopping cart, order tracking tools and database to market products directly to the target customers.

B2C Ecommerce Application

We tender specialized development of Ecommerce tools that helps in increasing productivity, economizing time and money, enhancing repute and making purchases quicker & more expedient. By combining exclusive methodologies and customized B2C Ecommerce application packages, we create long-lasting and value-added customer relationships.

Services that we proffer are enumerated as:-

  • Open Source websites
  • E-catalogs
  • B2C ecommerce solutions
  • B2B ecommerce solutions

We furnish the specific needs of the client. That’s why we use advance technology for the E-commerce solutions as these websites are online virtual stores. And if you want to get the confidence of your perspective customers you need to deploy advanced technology with strong security solution. Hence, we include the following technology with our e-commerce solutions:

1. Shopping Cart Solution:

We make shopping cart more convenient according to the business needs of our clientele. Our custom build application integrates product presentation, order tracking, account management and great functionality into shopping cart application. We offer power management features for all aspects of custom shipping calculation and advanced tax features.  We proffer affordable, quality and hassle free solution to our customers.

2. Payment Processing:

We make your payment processing more easy through providing more affordable and hassle free solutions that includes multiple payment gateway integration, subscription, membership and shipping goods function in your custom e-commerce application.

3. Design and Customization:

We are well aware of the market competition. Thus, we carefully involve ourselves in designing of the website as well. We make sure that the website design must be rich in look and appeal and according to business nature and competition. Therefore, we include sever features in e-commerce website like web based administration tool, customized product display, store set up checklist, customized product search, site browsing and customer feedback forms.

4. Inventory Management:

Keeping in mind the e-commerce website needs, we know how much importance the inventory management has for the online stores. Hence, we include a couple of features for inventory to enhance application which are:-
  • Product key,
  • Product category,
  • Subcategory level,
  • Product  customization,
  • Personalization,
  • Real time inventory control and
  • Multiple price for products.

5. Promotions and Merchandising:

In this feature, we append some specific features that suffice the need of our clientele such as discount offer, coupon codes, gift certificates, product reviews, emails a friend, featured product, cross selling and up selling.

6. Order Fulfillment:

Whenever users visit the shopping cart and wish to buy something then we give complete freedom to choose our client’s customer for buying, the multiple features such as order entry, order editing and order confirmation emails.

Besides these features we also tender several features that play a great role when it comes to enhancing e-commerce solutions in to. We comprehend the competition and the competitors and hence turn out a great solution for you.

Feel FREE to Request A Quote for your Ecommerce business requirements and our professionals help to discover the ample array of Ecommerce Business Solutions with B24 team of skilled php programmers, asp.net developers and open source experts which can offer to authorize your company to function your Ecommerce website more professionally.