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Security Policies

We boost of a sturdy information protection policy, network security architecture, and a tested disaster recovery plan. We ensure security in the following ways.

Physical Security

  • Photo ID cards and access cards with easy-to-identify bands are issued to all the employees
  • Visitors are proffered with separate ID cards and are not allowed beyond a specific access point. They are accompanied by internal staff during their visit within the office premises.
  • Controlled access for each employee
  • Presence of security guards and 24x7 surveillance system
  • We have fire protection and fire extinguishers available at a reachable distance.
  • The entire office premise has been marked as a non-smoking zone.

Data Access Security

  • Security Firewalls are installed to prevent any unauthorized access to the network
  • Group policies for accessing PCs and workstations for authorized access only
  • Access to important files and directories is given only to specific personnel
  • All email and web servers are located at an independent internet data center
  • GFS Backup policy in place. Monthly backups are stored at an off-site location and removable backups are kept safe with logs duly maintained. Each day’s backup is stored in a flameproof safe.
  • External security audits are enforced to assess any breach with multi-level security management in control
  • By default, all ports (USB, Serial, Parallel) are disabled on PCs. Enabling of the required ports is done only on specific requests by the client
  • Physical security ensures no CDs, Pen-drives, movable media goes in and out of the facility without the written permission from the management

Network Security

  • Each client's process is run on a separate VLAN/VPN when run off-shore/off-site
  • Software defined secluded tunnels through the internet
  • Only client authorized personnel is allowed to access the VNC/VLAN/VPN. This setup prevents others from accessing the project information
  • Real-time Anti-virus and SPAM protection for desktops and servers
  • Annual maintenance and scheduled preventive maintenance is in place for critical assets
  • Adequate spares are available for all the critical infrastructure, thereby minimizing the downtime
  • Wireless LAN in the office is also security protected

Voice Call Security

  • Authorization for use of VoIP lines and is provided on the need or project basis
  • VoIP is password protected
  • ACD reports are generated on a weekly basis and analyzed thereafter.