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Engagement Methods

B24 e Solutions provides end-to-end IT services, infrastructure management and software solutions using a distinctive client-centric Global Engagement Model that proffers the optimal mix of senior local resources with the outlay, scale, and quality advantages of offsite operations for each of our clients. We generally offer three pricing models :–

  • Time and Material (T&M) based contract,
  • Fixed price contract and
  • The BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) Model, in compliance with the client requirements.

Time & Material Pricing Model

In Time & Material pricing model, the cost of the project depends on the total execution time of the project and the number of resources deployed. This model is useful where the client is irresolute of the execution time required for the project. Also when the requirements are quite intricate or prone to changes with time.
This engagement model provides greater suppleness when developing a product or specification on a customary basis and making the changes based on the changing market needs.

Paybacks of working with the T&M model

  • B24 e Solutions has an all-embracing experience in implementing and managing T&M projects simultaneously.
  • Provision of strong business analysis, market research and project management
  • Provides business solutions for complex business problems, utilizing various skills and tools
  • Ensures tangible benefits and measurable results for the assessment of the project

Fixed Cost Pricing

Fixed cost pricing is a low risk option, which one can initiate when the scope of a project is clear along with its requirements and end result. We proffer project-based pricing in domains wherein we have the required expertise and well-defined estimation tools to determine the resource commitments.

This model ensures steadfastness and expectedness. B24 e Solutions promises to deliver optimized performance of these projects on time and within the stipulated budget.

Benefits of working with Fixed-based pricing model

  • The scope and cost is fixed and known at the onset hence everything is clearly spelled out and agreed upon beforehand itself.
  • Risk to both the parties is very less. Risk reduction is because of the total of effort that precedes the concord phase.
  • We offer consulting services during the specification stage so that the detailing and documentation is exact and precise.

Dedicated Development Model

This model of engagement is ideal for customers who have existing developed product and need regular updates and continuous development needs for the same. Under this model a dedicated team of developers is grouped and hosted as an extension to customer’s own team. The team under the supervision of project manager is directly responsible to report to the client with the help of regular reporting. Customers are free to retain the source code with them in this model at all times.

The BOT Engagement model

This Build-Operate-Transfer Model is best suited for software companies who are interested in globalization and expansion. The model suits those who want to reap the benefits of an offshore center but are unaware and apprehensive about the risks involved. In this model, companies could rapidly commence offshore operations and own an full offshore facility with minimal risk and investment. Below mentioned are the three steps of the engagement model:

1. Build :

We provide our business partners with a complete solution for building up their presence in their coveted market. We take care of all the administrative and legal issues, from real estate, utilities, and permits, to computers, communications, and office supplies. We also provide the professional support staff and operating licenses to run functions.

2. Operate

We provide a comprehensive set of operational management services, from HR and staffing, to accent training, accounting, payroll, legal, facilities, and security. Our business partners are able to focus their management time on their core business rather than on operational issues.

3. Transfer

Our partners have the option to bring the operation in-house at any time. Typically, the outsourcing contract includes a clause that states that the client has the option to buy the entire operation after a fixed period.

Benefits of working with BOT model:

  • Reduces Management Overhead
  • Controls Costs for ISVs and Tech companies.
  • Supple Transfer Timing and Round-the-clock services
  • Ongoing Hybrid Management Services
  • Increase in post-transfer management support options
  • Reduces your attrition with access to the world class resources and amenities
  • Augments security measures