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Delivery Model

We have designed our delivery models keeping the global customers in mind. Our offshore, on-site and hybrid software development models proffer true customer flexibility resulting in engagements that are confided in, crystal clear and effectual. Our experts will consult with you to determine the approach that best suits your individual delivery needs.

Offshore Delivery Model

Our  offshore delivery model makes sure that all the project development must be concluded from the initial study to the testing level. By leveraging offshore development, we are able to tender you the increased value and capacity, thereby reducing your cost of implementation and time to market. This model is excellent if the project objective is pre-defined and deviation from the same is unlikely. Our offsite team may include the following individuals:-

  • technical architect,
  • developer and
  • quality tester.

The offshore dedicated project team, works within the predefined processes, there by making this model the most cost effectual one.

Onsite Delivery Model

Our Onsite Delivery Model is perfect for recurring or open-ended projects that necessitate close coordination with the client. In this model, the client is assigned one or more dedicated professionals with appropriate skills and knowledge. This team will remain onsite for a particular phase of the project, or for the entire project, as it seems appropriate to the unique requirements of the client and the nature of the project assignment. The Onsite Delivery Model leverages our experience, skills and quality resources and our client centric approach to deliver a customized fit for every client.

Our team members have diversified roles ranging from project manager, team leader, consultant, programmer etc, as may deem appropriate to the project. Our team members function as a true extension of your staff, transitioning smoothly into preexisting and new-fangled project or business teams. Clientele satisfaction is the parameter of our success. We are dedicated to delivering the results and outcome prescribed in the project plan and requirements.

Hybrid Delivery Model

The Hybrid Delivery Model provides viable IT solutions with apposite onsite and offshore resources to support multiple phases for mid to long term projects. Having the benefits of both the worlds, this model is best suited for delivering a robust solution with optimized cost and competence. Our onsite team will directly interact with the clients and will do the requirement studies, design and development, etc. as per the requirement. Scalable Systems Hybrid Delivery model have tremendous operational benefits and scope for scalability. Costs and implementation time will be radically reduced with the additional support from our offshore outsourcing team.

ODC Partnership Model

Our ODC Partnership Model is best suited for customers seeking long term services. In this model there is a dedicated offshore development team comprised of project managers, analysts, developers and testers with specialized skills in specific technical and vertical areas. This helps our client to build a long-term sustainable dynamic support system with the help of scalable systems on an ongoing basis to dynamically and effectively address their continuing requirements.