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Magento Ecommerce: Forerunner of E-Commerce Solution

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A latest report shows the figure of USD $150+ billion as the current E-Commerce trade. This is stated to double very shortly. This astonishing figure is sure to make any business owner to try their hand in the new and extended scope of trading online.

The present market is flooded with diverse software applications proposing the best and unique E-Commerce Solutions. To create a successful Ecommerce store, we must assure whether the Ecommerce solution we are adopting has certain features that are essential for an online store such as flexibility, scalability and robust architecture. It is a complete open source platform with all needful components and functionality is essential for running a smooth flow of business operations.

Magento is a flexible, feature-rich open source Ecommerce platform with powerful web applications. It is most used application to set up an online store with complete E-Commerce operations. Magento has taken over the E-Commerce technology space which offers the best and proficient E-Commerce solutions. At present many of the Business giants use Magento for their online stores as it provide unique features and benefits for store development.

Why Magento ?

  • Open Source: Open Source platforms are free and the code is open to the public. This allows us access to the code and database structure thus help us understand how the software works to fix things and add new features. Most important part is options for extensions and ability to alter the flow of the application according to our requirements.
  • Active Community: Magento has a growing community of developers who continue to report problems, provide suggestions and share updates and extensions. This active community of developers associated with Magento is one of its most positive part, giving it unlimited extensibility.
  • Flexibility & Conversion: Magento’s flexibility allows us to modify existing features or add in new ones. Many other open source tools like Drupal now has an extension for Magento which helps integration of Magento into a Drupal based website. If we are converting from another platform, there are tools which allow us to import products, customers and order information in bulk from other carts such as OSCommerce and X-Cart.
  • Features: The standard version of Magento contains all the features required to implement a good ecommerce store. Features such as the shopping cart, catalog management, search, checkout, shipping and order management and administration functions are all included. Additional and features like Search Engine Support and Content management from the admin and option to manage multi-store from same administration area is what make Magento the forerunner.
  • International support: Magento is a fully global program, offering multiple versions of our site to meet the specific needs of customer. International support extends from Multiple Currency Control, Multi-Lingual, option for Zone based Tax management etc. Thus providing a platform which we can use to create and manage an E-Commerce for really international market.
  • Mobile commerce: We all know the current era is of Mobile devices. If our E-Commerce solutions is limited only for the traditional desktop users, we are lacking quit a big market. Enabling our E-Commerce with mobile-optimized versions of our site to attract and convert customers on the go is becoming essence. Magento provides options for automatically detect mobile browsers and show the mobile-optimized version of our site and provides either the full site catalog or a smaller selection of products tailored for the mobile customers.
  • Plethora of Extensions: Magento has a huge collection of extensions that offer various functionalities. With this plenty of extensions it become very easy to for developers to create an impressive E_Commerce store that is not only eye-catching but at the same time made it efficient too.
  • Multi-Store Functionality: Functionality that makes Magento stand out of the crowd, multi-store facility. With Magento we can handle multiple online stores simultaneously from a single admin panel. Admin can manage customer’s orders of various stores from one site without even switching between different sites. We can create separate reports for different stores with multi-store functionality.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Magento’s has a detailed reporting suite that provides visibility into the store performance to enable actionable changes to react to customers’ needs, and out of the box integrations with Google Analytics and Website Optimizer allow for further insight into store performance.
  • Search Engine Optimization: One of the most important consideration for any online business is its Search Engine Optimization. Magento E-Commerce platform provides the facility that the search engine is able to view the content more easily, so it improves the search engine ranking. It provides further control by using Magento’s URL Rewrite tool to specify the exact structure of specific product pages, and allows complete control over the Meta information using Magento’s intuitive administration interface. Search Engine optimization plug-in offers:
    Google sitemap
    Meta information for product and categories
    Auto generated Sitemap for site
    Auto generated popular search term page

We can imagine with the above set of features and facilities provided by Magento, we can achieve any and every possible requirements for an E-Commerce Solution. We at B24 e Solutions, strive to engage all the features from the Magento environment, and extend it for the best user experience for any E-Commerce application that we develop. Do contact us if you have any questions or need more info in this regard.